At a Crossroads: Industry 5.0 vs. Inclusive Development. Where is the Future?

The Amazing Race – YGF Edition

This year’s cultural exchange program will be like no other. Participants will not only get to experience the sights and sounds of the famous Dutch capital, Amsterdam but they will get to challenge the city head on in a special edition of The Amazing Race ‘Youth Global Forum edition’.

Participants will be divided into teams and will make their way through the city to various ‘challenge points’ where they will be tasked with earning and accumulating points by completing a series of tasks at some of the Dutch capitals most famous locations.

Roll the dice and sample some of the best, and the worst, food that the Netherlands has to offer; explore the Royal Palace and uncover the mystery behind the royal family; put your brush to canvas & channel your inner Van Gogh but be sure to arrive with enough time to complete your masterpiece!

The team that finishes with the most amount of points will be declared the winners, winning a special prize to help commemorate the fifth annual Youth Global Forum.
This cultural exchange program offers a unique way to see the city of Amsterdam as well as offering participants a chance to forge friendships and build partnerships by working together to overcome the challenges that will be put in front of you.
Industry 5.0: Where we’ve come from and where are we headed

• This keynote will give a brief history of humanities progress through the previous four industrial revolutions; this presentation will also briefly talk about where our society is currently, the fourth industrial revolution, and the challenges that we face in order to progress to the fifth industrial revolution (Industry 5.0). Finally this presentation can speak about what the meaning of Industry 5.0 is and how it will affect our society as we know it today.

ioT (Internet of Things) : New ways to connect Business

• Participants can expect to learn about the latest in the field of ioT and how the latest innovations are re-shaping the way we develop and connect businesses around the world. We will also look at ways ioT can help you grow your business in various ways and how to you can utilize these various technologies to ensure maximum returns for your efforts

Artificial Intelligence: Development, Morals & Ethics

• Here we will take a look at the development of Artificial Intelligence and how it already plays a big role in our society today. We can look at examples as to where AI is being utilised not just in Businesses but how it’s helping society across many spheres (socially, environmentally etc.) and how AI will develop and evolve as we strive towards the fifth industrial revolution.

New employment opportunities in a digital future

• Skills we are developing today may not satisfy the future employment market and we can already see a shift in the demand of the employment market. As we move towards a future where skills in the field of technology are becoming more necessary, we can take a look at how best to prepare both the employee and employer and to satisfy the ever-growing demands of the job market.

Cybersecurity: Identifying threats & how to beat them

• Cybersecurity is a field that is in constant motion, in constant development that can affect us both professionally and personally. So we can discover what the biggest threats to our safety are and security online and how we can best defend and prepare ourselves accordingly.

Blockchain: Latest Trends and Developments

• Blockchain is already revolutionising the world around us today and has broken down barriers that were previously preventing young entrepreneurs and start-up companies from gaining the financial support needed to get going. We can explore the opportunities and benefits that Blockchain already offers to entrepreneurs and businesses and see what Blockchain may look like as it continues to develop.
Inclusive Development: Improving Education Quality & Outreach

• Adopting an Inclusive Development policy can help to improve not just the quality of the education but the outreach of its benefits to those who need it most. By ensuring that the best standard of education is available for all, we will see benefits to all spheres in society including economic, social and environmental.

Inclusive Development: Growing our economy

• During this session we take a detailed look at what can be achieved by adopting an Inclusive Development approach to stimulating and growing our economy. Participants could possibly explore a case study of a countries economy that is already experiencing stimulus and success today thanks to Inclusive Development

Closing the social divide with Inclusive Development

• Too often the poorer members of our society are left segregated from the ideals of other social classes. Through Inclusive Development however, we can break the social divide and have contributions from all standings in society; by citizens and business contributing equally, we will all benefit equally which will help to close the social divide currently experienced today around the world.

Inclusive Development: The role of business & entrepreneurs

• In this session, we will learn the role that business has in achieving Inclusive Development. We can take a look at examples of the type of contributions and changes that Inclusive Development will require from businesses but also learn about the potential rewards that can be reaped from adopting such an approach. Entrepreneurs can learn about new approaches to doing business with this approach that could open new avenues for success.

Inclusive Development: Examples, Ideas & Trends

• The Inclusive Development approach has already been adopted by a number of national agendas and big businesses. Here we will take a look at examples in our world today and analyse the pros and cons of taking such an approach. Participants will learn about the latest trends happening in the Inclusive Development world and possibly develop new approaches to the ideal that can be applied to their communities and nations.

How Inclusive Development can help achieve SDG’s

• The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by almost every nation on the planet back in 2016. The framework for Inclusive Development very much has the SDGs in mind and in this session we will look how the Inclusive development model can help your nation achieve its SDGs by 2030.
Synergy between Man & Machine: Examples in our society today

• The programs final masterclass will look at the relationship between humanity and technology and the level synergy that can be reached between the two when they work together. We will look at how Inclusive Development can be applied in the race towards the fifth industrial revolution and possibly analyse examples of this already happening in our society today. It is important for us to realise that by reaching Industry 5.0 through Inclusive Development, it will not only positively impact our society as a whole but provide a better future than If this impact was shared by an exclusive few.

The final day will also see fifteen project presenters take to the stage to showcase their project in front of those in attendance and a selected jury panel of experts. These presenters will compete for various prizes including internships at leading global organisations, scholarships to international Universities and the coveted Youth Time Idea Grant, which will provide the funding necessary to turn their project into reality.

Following each round of presentations both the jury panel and the audience will get the opportunity to put their questions to those on stage. At the conclusion of the presented projects, all of those in attendance will get the chance to cast their vote that will help determine the eventual prize winners.

The recipients of the prizes on offer will be announced later that evening at the official Youth Global Forum Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner.
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