Event News

The Youth Global forum is delighted to announce the first group of expert speakers that will join us in Amsterdam; Roger Antochi, Rob Van Kranenburg & Dr. Oualid Ali.

Roger Antochi is currently the General Manager for Talent Rise (est. 2014) which looks to educate marginalized youth and connect them with potential employers in the technology and digital sector. His extensive community work has been recognized by Sir Richard Branson is regarded as a strong advocate for young people involved in justice systems globally

Rob Van Kranenburg is a leading authority when it comes to matters of ioT (Internet of Things). In 2009 he founded the Internet of Things Council, Chair of AC04 – IoT Hyperconnected Society and has several distinguished publications including ''The Internet of Things. A critique of ambient technology'.

Dr. Oualid Ali is the Founder and President of the ecosystem platform FutureCitiesCouncil.org and the Founder and CEO of the Future platform Future-is-here.com. A seasoned speaker, he has served as speaker, researcher, consultant and trainer for countless events around the globe in various spheres of the technology sector including Emerging technologies & innovations, Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Smart cities.
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